• Cyber Film (Part A & B) – A story of Cyber Security Theft and Film 3

  • Rachael James

  • Victoria University

  • Rachael is a film director, producer and screenwriter.

    She has worked in film and media for over ten years. With a BA(Hons) from Victoria University and a diploma from the London Film Academy, she cut her teeth in the London film industry first as a cinematographer, and then moved into directing and producing. In London Rachael setup and co-ran her own production business Buckwheat Films UK. 

    She has filmed across the globe in Italy, London, Ireland, China, Austria, New Zealand and Australia, on everything from features to commercials, music videos, and ground-breaking documentaries. She is an award winning director, feature screenwriter and writing consultant. Rachael runs a Melbourne-based production company, and recently agreed to direct a feature for Lorne Films.

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