Expertise and Experience

The OCSC executive and management team comprises of individuals from broad ranging backgrounds, possessing many years of experience in their respective fields, and bring with them expertise in government, government relations, governance, policy, cross-industry, research, ICT, management, strategy and marketing.



Governance and Strategic Direction

The OCSC board and its directors are a group of individuals that have a leadership and fiduciary role in the organisation representing the interest of the OCSC stakeholders. The OCSC board is responsible for making high-level decisions about OCSC’s company policies, overseeing OCSC’s corporate plan 2021-2023 and the delivery of its strategic objectives, non-legislative and legislative governance, and filling and removing executive positions.

Advisory Board

Know how and support

The purpose of the Advisory Board is to help the OCSC gain new national, international and industry specific insights and advice, to solve arising challenges or explore new opportunities. The role of the OCSC Advisory Board is not to make decisions but to provide knowledge and know-how, critical thinking, and analysis to increase the confidence of the decision-makers at the OCSC and support effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of the OCSC vision.

Research Council

OCSC’s Cornerstone

The Research Council of the OCSC is responsible for evaluating and proposing the centre’s research priorities that underpin the vision, the corporate plan, and its deliverables, and is a sub-committee of the Board of Directors of the OCSC. The Research Council provides reports, recommendations and/or advice to the Board, the OCSC Director, the OCSC Research Director and the organisations’ stakeholders, including its member universities.

Through the encouragement and facilitation and the conduct of training, research, and other activities, the Research Council focuses on identifying and solving the key cyber security issues of Australia.

The members of the Research Council also provide independent and objective advice to Australian governments, Australian industries and others in the Indo-Pacific region on emerging technologies, cyber security challenges and policy development and improvement which improve the cyber security maturity and resilience of nations.