Project Description

Damien Manuel
Damien Manuel

Damien Manuel has more than 20 years of experience specialising in the following broad areas:

  • ICT and business security,
  • Compliance and governance,
  • Risk identification and risk management,
  • Portfolio management and project management,
  • ICT productivity and ICT frameworks,
  • Business process re-engineering,
  • Strategic business growth,
  • Business and ICT consulting.

Damien has a proven track record of successfully driving and implementing technology, cultural, policy and process changes in a diverse range of enterprises from retail and government through to the financial sector. Damien is able to communicate, influence and work effectively with all levels of stakeholders (CXO level through to technical staff). This is evidenced by his ability to identify, quantify and clearly articulate business problems combined with his skills at developing initiatives which address core business issues and challenges.

Damien’s outstanding interpersonal, communication and management skills coupled with a focus on key business drivers ensures business objectives are successfully delivered.

Underpinning this experience is a diverse educational grounding ranging from the highest security, audit and governance certifications complemented by an Executive MBA with an international business focus.