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APNIC (Asia Pacific Network Information Centre) is an open, member-based, not-for-profit organization, whose primary role is to distribute and manage Internet number resources (IP addresses and AS numbers) in the Asia Pacific region’s 56 economies. These number resources are the building blocks for the Internet to operate and grow.

As part of this service, APNIC is responsible for maintaining the public APNIC Whois Database and managing reverse DNS zone delegations. APNIC also provides forums for Internet policy development, that are bottom-up and open to everyone and helps build essential technical skills across the region, supports Internet infrastructure development, produces insightful research, and is an active participant in the multi-stakeholder model of Internet cooperation and governance.

APNIC performs these activities as part of its commitment to a global, open, stable, and secure Internet that serves the entire Asia Pacific region.

In 2018, the OCSC worked with APNIC and the ITU on joint missions with the Samoan and Tongan governments. On these joint missions, the ITU and APNIC ran technical training workshops on incident response for local IT professionals, whilst the OCSC team conducted respective CMM reviews.