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Bold and independent thinkers, challenging convention and graduating ready to change the world

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At La Trobe University you’ll join bold and independent thinkers, challenge convention, and graduate ready to change the world.

La Trobe prepares you to have a positive impact on communities, businesses, and organisations by making global citizenship, entrepreneurship, and sustainability central to all their courses.

La Trobe’s researchers are leaders in their fields and have five research focus areas that show strengths in areas that matter to the Australian community: understanding disease; securing food, water, and the environment; building healthy communities; sport, exercise, and rehabilitation; and transforming human societies.

La Trobe has a proud history. It is the third oldest university established in Victoria, with a brief to be innovative and meet growing need for research and learning. Their name connects them to the story of Charles Joseph La Trobe, the first Lieutenant-Governor of the new colony of Victoria. He was a man driven by his need to make a difference to the communities he served, leaving a legacy that continues today at La Trobe University.