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D5 Cybersecurity Standards, Organisations and Technologies CV

Professor Iqbal Gondal is Associate Dean, Cloud,Systems & Security at RMIT University. Prior to joining RMIT, Iqbal was the Director of Internet Commerce Security Lab (ICSL) at Federation University, Ballarat where he received funding to support research in ICSL in the area of Intelligent Malware analysis, threat intelligence, fraud detection, cyber-attack triage, malware webinject detection, phishing attack identification and mitigation, and blockchain.

He is a Fellow of Institute of Engineers Australia, a member of IEEE (USA) and a Graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD). Iqbal is also a member of the Advisory Board for the International Journal for Distributed Sensors networks and the Editor of Journal of Information Processing in Agriculture, China.

In the past, Iqbal served as a Director of the ICT strategy for the Faculty of IT at Monash university. He has also served in the capacity of Director of Postgraduate studies for six years, Member of the Faculty Board and Member of the Monash Academic Board. He has received commendation from Vice-Chancellor and Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching) for his excellent work during his time at Monash university.

Prior to joining Monash University, Iqbal worked in capacity of a Research Fellow and a senior Software Systems Engineer for seven years in Singapore and in Australia with Delphi (GM), Singapore Manufacturing Technology (SimTech) and other industries.

Work in Practice

In the past Iqbal has provided technical analysis of the impacts of communication access legislation and developed cybersecurity engagement strategies. He has experience in network design and development, project management, system design and integration, SCADA, intelligent techniques, adaptive systems and wireless switches for financial services.

Dimension 5 Journal Publications

Iqbal has published over 194 refereed conferences and journal papers and has successfully supervised twenty-one PhD students. Some noteworthy journals:

  • Attiq Ur-Rehman, Iqbal Gondal, Joarder Kamruzzaman, Alireza Jolfaei, “Vulnerability Modelling for Hybrid Industrial Control System Networks” Journal of Grid Computing, Impact factor: 4.29, Q1, Springer Direct

    Abstract: “With the emergence of internet-based devices, the traditional industrial control system (ICS) networks have evolved to co-exist with the conventional IT and internet enabled IoT networks, hence facing various security challenges. The IT industry around the world has widely adopted the common vulnerability scoring system (CVSS) as an industry standard to numerically evaluate the vulnerabilities in software systems. This mathematical score of vulnerabilities is combined with environmental knowledge to determine the vulnerable nodes and attack paths. IoT and ICS systems have unique dynamics and specific functionality as compared to traditional computer networks, and therefore, the legacy cyber security models would not fit these advanced networks. In this paper, we studied the CVSS v3.1 framework’s application to ICS embedded networks and an improved vulnerability framework, named CVSSIoT-ICS, is proposed. CVSSIoT-ICS and CVSS v3.1 are applied to a realistic supply chain hybrid network which consists of IT, IoT, and ICS nodes. This hybrid network is assigned with actual vulnerabilities listed in the national vulnerability database (NVD). The comparison results confirm the effectiveness of CVSSIoT-ICS framework as it is equally applicable to all nodes of a hybrid network and evaluates the vulnerabilities based on the distinct features of each node type.”

  • Paul Black, Iqbal Gondal, Peter Vamplew, Arun Lakhotia “Function Similarity Using Family Context”,  Electronics, Computer Science & Engineering  Journal Impact Factor 2.412, 2020

  • Md. Ashraf Uddin, Andrew Stranieri, Iqbal Gondal, Venki Balasubrammanian, “Blockchain Leveraged Decentralized IoT eHealth Framework” Journal of Internet of Things Cyber Physical Human Systems, ELSEVIER publisher, Impact factor:1.764, 2020

  • Mahbub E Khoda, Tasadduq Imam, Joarder Kamruzzaman, Iqbal Gondal and Ashfaqur Rahman “Robust Malware Defense in Industrial IoT Applications using Machine Learning with Selective Adversarial Samples” IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, I.F. 3.347, 2020

  • Sona Taheri, Iqbal Gondal, Adil Bagirov, Simon Brown, “Cyber-attack Triage using Incremental Clustering for Intrusion Detection Systems” International Journal of Information Security, I.F. 1.822, 2020

  • Ansam Khraisat; Iqbal Gondal; Peter Vamplew; Joarder Kamruzzaman, Ammar Alazab, “A novel Ensemble of Hybrid Intrusion Detection System for Detecting Internet of Things Attacks, Journal Electronics (ISSN 2079-9292; CODEN: ELECGJ), 2019, I.F. 1.764

  • Ansam Khraisat; Iqbal Gondal; Peter Vamplew; Joarder Kamruzzaman, “Survey of Intrusion Detection Systems: Techniques, Datasets and Challenges” Cybersecurity Journal, Springer 2019 IF. 1.822

  • Paul Black, Iqbal Gondal, Robert Layton, “A Survey of Similarities in Banking Malware Behaviours, Journal of Computers & Security 2017 , impact factor 2.85

  • Sattar Seifollahi, Adil Bagirov, Robert Layton,  Iqbal Gondal, “Optimization Based Clustering Algorithms for Authorship Analysis of Phishing Emails” Journal Neural Process Letters, DOI 10.1007/s11063-017-9593-7, impact factor: 1.75, 2017

  • Kopp, C., Sillitoe, J., Gondal, I., “I am your perfect online partner” analysis of dating profiles used in cybercrime”, Asia Pacific Journal of Contemporary Education and Communication Technology ISSN: 2205-6181, 2017