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Professor Matt Warren

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Matthew Warren is the Director of the RMIT Centre of Cyber Security Research and Innovation and a Professor of Cyber Security at RMIT University, Australia and holds the position as a Research Council member at the OCSC. Professor Warren is a researcher in the areas of Cyber Security and Computer Ethics. He has authored and co-authored over 300 books, book chapters, journal papers and conference papers. He has received numerous grants and awards from national and international funding bodies, such as AustCyber, Australian Research Council (ARC); CyberCRC, Engineering Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) in the UK; National Research Foundation in South Africa and the European Union.

Professor Warren gained his PhD in Information Security Risk Analysis from the University of Plymouth, United Kingdom and he has taught within Australia, Finland, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.

Professor Warren is a Fellow of the Australian Computer Society.

Work in Practice

Matthew Warren has extensive experience in Cyber education, training and skills including:

  • The Director of the RMIT University Centre for Cyber Security Research and Innovation;

  • The Australian representative on the Joint Taskforce on Cyber Security Global Education developing a global standard for Cyber Security curriculum design;

  • Member of the Australian Computer Society Taskforce developing Australia’s only Cyber Security Professional accreditations;

  • Chair of the Australian Computer Society Taskforce developing Australia’s accreditation framework for Cyber Security tertiary courses;

  • Member of Australian Computer Society Accreditation committee being the ACS subject matter expert of Cyber Security Education; and

  • At Deakin University, being the course director of the Masters of Cyber Security and the Bachelor of Cyber Security.

Dimension 2 Journal Publications

  • Warren, M and Leitch, S (2009), Hacker taggers: a new type of hackers, Information systems frontiers, Online First, pp. 1-7, Springer Direct

    Abstract: “Organisations often spend large sums of money to ensure that they are protected against the risks associated with online attacks. The perceived threats against organisations are well known and the losses can be easily quantified. This perceived threat is usually portrayed by the media as being the work of a hacker however little is known about hacker subgroups, their rationale and ethical views. This paper focuses upon hacker subgroups and their activities and in particular the new hacker subgroup identified as ‘Hacker Taggers’.”

  • Warren, M. (2020). Fake News Case Study during the Australian 2019 General Election. Australasian Journal of Information Systems24.

  • Kaluarachchi, C., Warren , M., & Jiang, F. (2020). Review: Responsible use of technology to combat Cyberbullying among adolescents. Australasian Journal of Information Systems24.

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Dimension 3 Journal Publications

  • von Solms, R and Warren, M (2011), Towards the human information security firewall, International Journal of Cyber Warfare and Terrorism (IJCWT), vol. 1, IGI Global

    Abstract: “Human security is often forgotten as a major information security factor. This paper explores the security issues that relate to human security and in particular the relationship to risk. The paper also uses case studies of real-life security incidents to show the problems and issues that relate to a younger workforce and their lack of security awareness due to their own background and the use of social systems, such as Facebook. The paper also proposes a risk framework that can be used to understand human security issues.”

  • Al Husaini, Y, Salim S,, Warren, M, Pan, L and Al Gharibi, M (2019), Cloud Forensics Investigations Relationship: A Model And Instrument, in ACIS 2019 : Security and Privacy : Proceedings of the 30th Australasian Conference on Information Systems, ACIS, [Perth, W.A.], pp. 778-788.

  • Alamin, A, Wilkin, C, Yeoh, William Gi and Warren, Matthew (2019), The impact of self-efficacy on accountants’ behavioral intention to adopt and use accounting information systems, Journal of information systems, doi: 10.2308/isys-52617.

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