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Swinburne is a world-ranked university leading the way in innovation, industry engagement and social inclusion. Their education, high-quality research and industry partnerships create positive change for students, staff, and the community.

Over 110 years ago Swinburne opened its doors with a driving focus in mind: to offer education to a section of society otherwise denied further education. Today, they continue their commitment to providing and transforming education through strong industry engagement, social inclusion, a desire to innovate and, above all, a determination to create positive change.

They have an international reputation for quality research that connects science and technology with business and the community. Swinburne’s standing in prestigious world academic rankings reflects their commitment to high-quality teaching, research, and graduate outcomes. No matter who their students are or how each student wishes to drive their future — Swinburne’s mission is to help them fulfil their goals in a connected world.