The cornerstone for strong foundations

Established to encourage and facilitate the conduct of research and other activities focused on identifying and solving key cyber security issues in Australia and abroad, the OCSC possesses a network that is both rich and diverse in the level of research expertise and multi-dimensional in all areas of cyber security.

This enables the OCSC to deploy people capital on projects, as they arise, and in very short lead time, and its in-house veracity, lends a hand to quality on every piece of work conducted.


Advancing Australia’s cyber security education and skills

Through its internships and casual work opportunities, the OCSC provides Australia’s future cyber security leaders and workers with training opportunities that both nurture and grow individual talent, skills, and confidence, and add to the cyber security capacity talent pool of Australia.

With an ambition to work with partner nations and the international community on identified cyber security capacity gaps, this hands-on project-based training led by OCSC’s senior experts not only provides students with national and regional working exposure, but it also allows the centre to scale to demand.

The OCSC business model for training is a capacity building pathway that favours all parties involved.