Mr. Opetaia Simati, Director, Department of ICT, Ministry of Justice, Communications and Foreign Affairs, Tuvalu
Dr. James Boorman, Head of Research and Capacity Building, OCSC
Dr. Joanne Mihelcic, Research Fellow, OCSC

March 2021, Tuvalu, Funafuti. The world has changed. COVID-19 has had a profound and disastrous impact on communities, health, and the economy globally. Recovery for many will be more about adapting to this new way of life rather than returning to how things were before.

The adoption of digital technology and Internet connectivity continues across the globe, enabling social and economic benefits. The response to the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this change at a pace that no one was prepared for. Many countries in the world like Tuvalu, are experiencing an ever-increasing need for more equitable access to technologies within a safer and more secure digital environment which protects their rights, their information, and the national infrastructure.